Altenrhein Facility (Switzerland)

At the turn of the year 2021/2022, Atlas Air Service AG acquired 100 percent of the shares in business aviation service provider AAL AG (formerly Altenrhein Aviation Ltd.).

AAL AG, based in Altenrhein, in eastern Switzerland, on Lake Constance, is a business aviation maintenance company. AAL AG is an authorized service center for aircraft manufactured by Embraer Executive Jets, Gulfstream Aerospace (G150, G200, G280) and the TBM family; in addition, business aircraft of Cessna and Pilatus are also serviced. 50 employees generate a growing annual turnover of over 12 million Swiss francs.

Natascha Rode, Managing Director of AAL AG, said: "In association with Atlas Air Service, we can serve our customers even better, for example through a joint AOG services and better availability of spare parts within the group. In addition, Atlas can support us in digitalization and marketing."

John van Emden, Managing Director AAL, adds, "Together with Atlas Air Service and Augsburg Air Service, we are a group that is five times larger than AAL AG. High-value test-equipment and tools can now be used within the whole group; thus we expand our competence - to the benefit of our customers."

Nicolas von Mende, CEO of Atlas Air Service AG: "The employees and management of AAL AG have achieved a pleasingly positive development in recent years. We will support the future growth and secure it with our experience - as Atlas Air Service has already proven with Augsburg Air Service. The ambitious management in Altenrhein will remain fully responsible for running AAL AG." Gregor Bremer, COO Atlas Air Service AG, adds: "Aircraft maintenance requires knowledge and experience - the more, the better. That is why our maintenance customers in Augsburg and in Bremen also benefit from the cooperation with Altenrhein."

The contracting parties have agreed to maintain confidentiality about the terms of the takeover.


Service Phone: +41 71 858 5185
AOG Hotline: +41 71 858 5900


Further info

The Dornier aircraft factory (Do-Flug AG) derives from the former airship factory "Zeppelin Werk Lindau GmbH" in Altenrhein: Until 1948 it also runs an own airfield in Rorschach-Altenrhein

Sale of the Dornier Flugzeugwerke to Dr. Claudio Caroni; the company is renamed to "Flug- und Fahrzeugwerke Altenrhein" (FFA, transl: aviation and vehicle factory)

Sale of FFA – its aviation sector is purchased by Justus Dornier in Zurich

The construction company Gautschi AG acquires both, the FFA Flugzeugwerke Altenrhein and the Airport Altenrhein

The majority of stock of Airport Altenrhein AG is being taken over by the family Strikwerda from Lauseanne. Subsequently foundation of the FFA Aircraft Maintenance AG and the Altenrhein Realco AG for real estate management

The aircraft manufacturer Pilatus acquires the FFA  Aircraft Maintenance. As a result foundation of the subsidiary Altenrhein Aviation AG (AAL Ltd.) with managing director Arthur Looser

AAL Ltd. increases its hangar space by 1.100 m² due to great business development and gains further approvals for aircraft types such as Cessna 208 Caravan, DeHavilland DHC-3 Otter, Beech 1900D, Daher TBM850 and Cessna Citation 525B

Authorization as Gulfstream service center, incl. approval for the new G150.
Deployment of an own paint shop in cooperation with Egli Paint Services

AAL Ltd. is appointed an essential maintenance facility for the new generation of G280 aircraft by the Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.

Successful fabrication of aircraft components on the behalf auf Pilatus – further progression of the project.
AAL Ltd. is appointed service center for Embraer Phenom 100 (EMB-500) and 300 (EMB-505) by  Embraer (EAI)

Approval as first MRO organization in Europe for the G280 incl. authorization as "Gulfstream Warranty and Repair Facility"

Altenrhein Aviation Limited is sold by Pilatus Enterprise to a private investor

The company is renamed to AAL AG and adds the aircraft types Legacy and Praetor to its service portfolio as autthorized Embraer service center

AAL AG is once more sold and now part of the Atlas Air Service AG as an own independant subsidiary


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