Paint Shop

For the perfect look and conservation of your aircraft

Our professionals rebuild the paint coat from scratch, no matter whether you have opted for a partial paint job or a completely new coat. This is very important as paintwork does not only make your aircraft look good it also prevents corrosion.

Need help with your new design? – Our experts are here to advise you. You will enjoy the quality and brilliance of our paintwork for many years and you might even profit from a higher resale value as well maintained aircraft tend to sell for a higher price.

Our Service

  • Complete varnishings according to customer preferences
  • Partial varnishings / design stripes
  • Design creation for new varnishings
  • Color varnishings recommendation
  • Registration changes (affixed or coated)
  • Extensive varnished film work (registration and company logo) 
  • Cleaning / Polishing / Sealing
  • Varnish repairs (after hail damage, taxi damage etc.)
  • Varnishing of landing gear / undercarriage
  • Varnishing of plastic parts (RADOM, wing tips etc.)
  • Special requests

Paint Procedure

Cleaning, Polishing & Sealing

We make your aircraft shine again. The paint coat is cleaned, polished and sealed. For best results, the so-called Lotus effect, we seal your aircraft using the latest nano technology. The treatment prevents corrosion, surfaces remain water and dirt resistant.

Polishing and sealing can be performed while your aircraft is in maintenance. No additional down time required.