Aircraft Spare Parts Sales

Worldwide, easy & in short time

With over 50 years market experience we are Europe's leading supplier for aircraft spare parts and components for several brands. We sell General Aviation spare parts worldwide out of 2 facilities in Germany (Bremen and Augsburg), but also from Switzerland.

In our storage facilities we keep on hand approx. 30,000 various products – ranging from screws to premium-quality exchange components. Thanks to our wide-spread industry network and efficient logistics we also procure non-stock items on short notice. 

Atlas Air Service (Bremen) and Augsburg Air Service are AEO certified and thus classified by customs as particularly trustworthy. This means less time lost through document checks during customs clearance and simplified customs declarations and transit procedures.


  • mainly aircraft spare parts and wares for Embraer, Cessna, Beechcraft and Hawker
  • several spare parts for Gulfstream, Daher, Cirrus, Piper and Mooney
  • OEM spare parts for your brakes and landing gear *

* For your King Air our in-house approved LG Shop in Augsburg offers: 
  Regular Brake OVH / 6-years inspection / renewal of hoses for engines and landing gear

Customs clearance for goods and aircraft within our premises ! Please read our GTC