Perform even better

By increasing climb rate, overall performance, payload and range our modifications enable your aircraft to perform even better. We call this investing wisely as you simultaneously increase the resale value.

Modification for all Aircraft Types

We offer many avionics upgrades of renowned manufacturers (e.g. Collins-, Honeywell- and Garmin) as integrated solutions or partial conversions for most aircraft types maintained by us.

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Beechcraft and Hawker aircraft with their pressurized cabin are perfect for ambulance and Medevac transport. They carry patients safely to the next medical facility – even under difficult conditions, such as umimproved airfields or poor weather conditions.

We specifiy and install the complete medical package as a customized solution with following modules:

  • Incubators
  • Single- or dual stretchers / sleds
  • Modern patient loading systems, both electric and manual
  • Attachments for securing medical monitoring devices
  • Easy-to-clean vinyl sidewalls and floors

Multiple Missions

Multifunctional equipment for multiple missions can be installed as well. Special med sleds allow easy conversion from regular VIP transportation to medical mercy flights and vice versa in minimal time.

Hawker jets and Beechcraft turboprops both qualify for ambulance missions. However, some medevac operators prefer the King Air 200 and 300 series with an optional cargo door. Besides this, also other jets such as the Citation 560 XLS can be modified by us.

The Whelen HID (high-intensity discharge) Boom Beam lights improve safety when it comes to pilot visibility and traffic avoidance. The pilot can spot animals or obstacles on the runway from far away, and the aircraft itself is also seen better in the dark.

Boom Beam Lights produce up to 500% more light than standard lights based on Halogen or LEDs. HID Boom Beams use xenon gases and impact resistant electrodes instead of fragile filaments.

Your Benefits:

  • Increases safety – see and be seen
  • Produces 500% more light – engineered specifically for each model aircraft
  • Improved visibility at final approach + landing
  • Color temp closer to natural daylight
  • Reduces electrical load and heat
  • 5 years / 5000 hr Warranty

Whelen Boom Beam Lights | Available Upgrades

BEECHCRAFT Premier-Jet + Beechjet 400A FAA / EASA certified
  King Air FAA / EASA certified
  Bonanza + Baron FAA / EASA certified
CESSNA Citation 510 / 525 / 525A / 560XL FAA / EASA certified
  Caravan - please ask -
CIRRUS SR20 / SR22 / SR22T FAA / EASA certified
EMBRAER Phenom 100 / 300 - please ask -
GULFSTREAM G150 / G200 / G280 FAA / EASA certified
HAWKER Hawker 400XP FAA / EASA certified


LED lights improve your sight on taxi ways and runways. Compaired to regular lights lower power consumption, reliability and long-life performance under tough conditions make LED lights a perfect solution for your aircraft.

We will replace the exterior lights of your aircraft by more efficient LED lights, i.e.landing / taxi lights by Whelen (Parmetheus Pro PAR 36 / 46), IFE and Talon (PAR 36 / 46). We will also perform highend interior LED modifications on request. All LED lights are FAA / EASA certified.

Please consult us for an individual offer.

Your Benefits:

  • Good visibility
  • Lightweight + low power consumption
  • Moisture resistant
  • Long lifetime

Available LED Lights | exterior

BEECHCRAFT King Air Whelen / IFE
  Premier Jet Whelen / IFE
  Beechjet 400A Whelen
  Bonanza + Baron Whelen
CESSNA Citation 510 + 560XL Whelen / IFE
  Citation 525 / 525A / 525B / 525C Whelen / IFE
CIRRUS SR20 / SR22 / SR22T Cirrus Direct / Whelen
EMBRAER Phenom 100 / 300 Whelen / IFE
  Legacy 450 / 500 / 600 / 650 IFE
  Praetor 500 / 600 IFE
GULFSTREAM G150 / G200 Talon
HAWKER Hawker 400XP / Nextant 400XT(i) Whelen
PILATUS PC-12 Whelen


The Goodrich Pneumatic De-Icers by Collins Aerospace are custom designed, tested and certified for each aircraft to optimize ice shed performance and minimize intercycle ice.

Your Benefits:

  • Fluid resistant urethane material
  • Improved resistance to cold cracking
  • maximum protection against erosion and ozone
  • Absorbs less heat on composite leading edges
  • Reduces installation time *
  • Ideal for maintaining an aircraft’s premium appearance

    * applies for FASTboot De-Icers for King Air

Goodrich Pneumatic De-Icers | Available Upgrades

King Air 90 / 200 / 300 series FASTboot Pneumatic De-Icers FAA / EASA certified
Cessna Citation 560XL / XLS / XLS+ SILVERboot Pneumatic De-Icers FAA / EASA certified
Embraer Phenom 100 series SILVERboot Pneumatic De-Icers FAA / EASA certified


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Turboprop Modification

The Blackhawk King Air XP Engine Modification is a simple, bolt-on upgrade that requires no airframe modification. The original engines will be replaced by two factory-new stronger PT6A-135A or XP67A engines to keep the King Air well within factory certified airframe parameters. The Blackhawk upgrade can be combined with many other modifications (i.e. Raisbeck components & EPIC / MT 5-Blade-Props).

Enjoy a better performance, even higher security and an excellent resale value!

Your Benefits:

  • Increased take-off and climb performance
  • Elevated cruise speeds
  • Enhanced range
  • Greater comfort through  quieter cabin noise levels
  • Increased safety by the power reserves of the engines
  • Great resale value

Blackhawk XP Engines | Comparison

Blackhawk XP Engines | Available Upgrades

King Air C90 - C90A/B XP135A Upgrade FAA / EASA certified
King Air E90 + F90 XP135A Upgrade FAA / EASA certified
King Air 200 XP42 Upgrade FAA / EASA certified
King Air 200 - B200 XP52 Upgrade FAA / EASA certified
King Air 200 - B200 XP61 Upgrade FAA / EASA certified
King Air 300, 350 + 350ER XP67A Upgrade FAA / EASA certified

* Upgrade mostly preferred by our customers

With the purchase of a complete Raisbeck EPIC Kit (performance system) which includes several components you can save downtime and money. They enhance the  performance of your King Air in multiple ways and can be combined with upgrade components of other manufacturers. Raisbeck EPIC Kits are EASA / FAA-certified.

Your Benefits:

  • larger range of airports due to a better short field performance and shorter landing distance (JAR-OPS)
  • larger payload, range, cruising speed and flexibility
  • savings in consumption due to smaller revs with constant speed
  • noise reduction in all flight attitudes (inside and outside)
  • larger contingency reserve for commercial operators

All Raisbeck EPIC Kits explained:

Raisbeck | EPIC Platinum Kit

Power package for the King Air 200 series


  • Swept Blade Props - optional: Turbofan Propeller System
  • Ram Air Recovery System
  • Enhanced Performance Leading Edges
  • Dual Aft Body Strakes
  • High Flotation Gear Doors (if HFG-equipped) *
  • FAA-approved Airplane Flight Manual Supplement

    *HFG = additional component at extra cost, not part of the orginal kit


Raisbeck | EPIC Gold Kit

Package for the King Air 200 series – without props


  • Ram Air Recovery System
  • Enhanced Performance Leading Edges
  • Dual Aft Body Strakes
  • High Flotation Gear Doors (if HFG equipped) *
  • FAA-approved Airplane Flight Manual Supplement

    *HFG = additional component at extra cost, not part of the orginal kit

Raisbeck | EPIC Kit

Performance package for the King Air C90 series


  • Swept Blade Props - optional: Turbofan Propeller System
  • Dual Aft Body Strakes
  • Increased Gross Weight
  • FAA-approved Airplane Flight Manual Supplement


Raisbeck | Available EPIC Kits

King Air C90 - C90GTx Raisbeck EPIC incl. Propellers
King Air 200 series Raisbeck Platinum Kit incl. Propellers
King Air 200 series Raisbeck Gold Kit  


Raisbeck Upgrades enhance the performance of your King Air in several ways. They are available as EASA/FAA-certified single components and complete EPIC Kits. Raisbeck Upgrades can be combined with various modification components of other manufacturers.

All Raisbeck components explained:

Raisbeck | Swept Blade Props

Available as 4-Blade Props (Aluminum) and as 5-Blade Props (Composit). They perform better than regular propellers and can be combined with other Raisbeck components / EPIC Kits.


Raisbeck | Ram Air Recovery System

Gain more revs in icing conditons. Simultaneously the required ITT drops in all flight conditions. Enhanced cruising speed.


Raisbeck | Dual Aft Body Strakes

Enhances the stability along the longitudinal axis. Therefore an electric Yaw-dashpot is not necessary. Drops the resistance additionally and increases the flight comfort.


Raisbeck | Enhanced Performance Leading Edges

Enhanced Performance Leading Edges (EPLE) Reduces stalling speed and resistance. Therefore you gain reductions in departure and approach speed while the cruising speed is increasing.


Raisbeck | High Flotation Gear Doors

High Flotation Gear Doors (HFGD) Raisbeck High Flotation gear doors restore the standard gear climb and cruise performance. Wheel wells, tires, wheels and brakes stay clean.


Raisbeck | Crown Wing Locker System

Crown Wing Locker System (CWLS) Raisbeck's Wing Lockers are area-ruled to reduce drag and stall speeds. Constructed of lightweight composites, they are fully self-contained to ensure a clean, dry interior.


Raisbeck | Available Components

King Air C90 - C90GTx Body Strakes + Crown Wing Lockers + Swept 4-Blade Props
King Air E90 Body Strakes + Crown Wing Lockers + Swept 4-Blade Props
King Air F90 / F90-1 Body Strakes + Nacelle Wing Lockers + High Flot. Doors
King Air 200 Serie Body Strakes + Crown Wing Lockers + High Flot. Doors +
RAM Air Recovery Sys + Leading Edges + Swept 4-/5-Blade Props
King Air 350 (i/ER) Body Strakes + Crown Wing Lockers + High Flot. Doors + Swept 4-/5-Blade Props

BLR winglets and propellers for King Air lead to a better performance. They are separately available or as bundle package for maximum advantage. BLR components are EASA /FAA certified and can be combined with other King Air upgrades.

All BLR Upgrades in brief:

BLR | Winglets

The addition of BLR winglets results in improved flight performance of your King Air. Your aircraft will climb quicker, cruise faster, fly higher and burn less fuel. Since all factory-new models are equipped with BLR Winglets, this modification will make your old King Air look like a newer model. To our knowledge the installation of BLR Winglets has never affected a customer’s King Air warranty.

BLR | Propellers

The MT 5-blade Whisper Props for Kings Airs are extremely quiet and efficient  (higher take-off & climb + cruise speed). They are EASA + FAA certified, provide 25 lbs less weight than the standard props made of aluminum and also comply with the strict German noise regulations (Deutsche Landeplatz-Lärmschutzverordnung 2010). You also profit from unlimited blade life and the blades are FOD repairable.

BLR | Winglet + Prop Bundle Package

Decide for a BLR Prop + Winglet bundle and profit twice: by an attractive package price and improved performance! You will gain an improved climb rate, more airspreed, a better flight stability and also burn less fuel. Additional benefits: Up to 33% reduced runway length, improved short field performance and an increased short field useful load up to 1.500 lbs!


BLR | Available Upgrades

Aircraft type Single Components Bundle
King Air C90A - C90GTi Winglets (from SN LJ-1085) + Props Bundle
King Air F90 Props - / -
King Air 200 - B200GT Winglets + Props Bundle
King Air 250 Props - / -
King Air 300LW Winglets + Props Bundle
King Air 350 (i/ER) Props - / -


The EASA/FAA certified components by Meta Special Aerospace (former CAT Commuter Air Technology) prepare your King Air for special tasks.

All MSA components explained:

MSA | Cargo Pod

Expanding the carrying capacity of your King Air with 60 cubic feet of additional space, the MSA Cargo carrier holds up to 500 lbs. The pod provides two side baggage doors for easy loading and unloading and can be removed / reinstalled in less than an hour.

MSA | Soft Touch Tires

MSA Soft Touch Tires for King Airs provide High Flotation Gear (HFG) performance with no modifications to your aircraft! They fit into King Air standard-gear wheel wells. Experience the softer ground roll, increased landing options and greater safety of High Flotation Gear (HFG).

MSA | EGE Exhaust Gas Extractors

The MSA Exhaust Gas Extractors made from stainless steel alloy increase fuel efficiency, improve cruise and climb performance and eliminate exhaust stack cracking. They also minimize sooting on nacelles and wings.

MSA | Available Components

King Air A90 - C90A EGE Extractors  
King Air E90 EGE Extractors  
King Air F90 Soft Tires  
King Air 200 - B200GT* Soft Tires + Cargo Pod* + EGE Extractors * on request
King Air 300 + 300LW EGE Extractors  
King Air 350 Cargo Pod + EGE Extractors  


* Prerequisite required: Raisbeck Dual Aft Body Strakes must be installed for the Cargo Pod

Highly polished and low-profile, these aerodynamic clean running Frakes Exhaust Stacks virtually eliminate exhaust stains in addition to increasing airspeed on most models.  The high-quality exhaust stacks consisting of special material show less cracks than exhausts of other competitors. Therefore they last longer, which leads to lower costs for maintenance and upkeep.

There are more than 1.000 King Airs flying with Frakes Exhaust Stacks worldwide – numbers growing.

Your Benefits:

  • 90% to 95% less soot on the nacelle and wing
  • Increased airspeed
  • Top Warranty: Repair or replacement stacks  at no charge for up to 7 years after purchase, unlimited hours *

    * all repairs must be made or authorized by Frakes Aviation!

Frakes Exhaust Stacks | Available Upgrades

King Air 90 series FAA / EASA certified
King Air 200 series FAA / EASA certified
King Air 300 series FAA / EASA certified


The patented Goodrich DuraTherm propeller de-icers by Collins Aerospace are a new and improved version of existing prop de-icers with a more robust design and improved service life offering added resistance to foreign object damage and more uniform heat distribution throughout the prop de-icer. Replacement of older de-icers with DuraTherm technology is easy as both systems utilize the same connectors, lead wires and hardware.

Your Benefits:

  • More uniform heat distribution
  • More resistant to foreign object damage
  • Patented commercial heater technology for harsh environments
  • Continued operation if damaged
  • Fully interchangeable with current propeller de-icers

Goodrich DuraTherm Prop De-Icers | Available Upgrades

King Air 300 series FAA / EASA certified


The efficient AvFab Jump Seats allow you to transport up to 2 more passengers in your King Air. If the Jump Seats are not in use, just fold them aside to access and fill the baggage area as usual. Also available as single seats.

AvFab Jump Seats | Available Upgrades

King Air 200 series Single / Double Seats FAA / EASA certified
King Air 300LW Single / Double Seats FAA / EASA certified
King Air 350 series Single / Double Seats FAA / EASA certified

Modifications for Piston Aircraft

We perform diverse upgrades for Cirrus piston aircraft, e.g.

  • Cirrus CAPS Overhaul
  • Performance Brakes with tubeless tires by BERINGER AERO
  • Special tires
  • LED light (Landing light / Wingtips)
  • HID light
  • Fuel System etc.

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