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Deadlines for Equipment Requirements

ADS-B Out until Dec 31, 2019 or Dec 07, 2020

Until Dec 31, 2019 (USA) and Dec 07, 2020 (Europe) all IFR-equipped aircraft over 5,7 t and / or faster than 250 kts must be equipped with ADS-B Out avionics (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast, see FAA and EASA). For an optional limited time extension to the year 2023 a retrofit programm will have to be established in due time. 

Smaller aircraft with certain Garmin equipment can be upgraded as well. Book early and get a better price!

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Trade Fairs & Events

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AERO – April 21 - 24, 2021

The Global Show for General Aviation in Friedrichshafen / Germany – visit our booth