Your aircraft & documents 100% in compliance with the regulations

As certified CAMO+ Organisation (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation) we take care of the entire airworthiness management for your business aircraft. 

Needless to say this is a very wide and complex field and many customer will not have the time to comply with the detailed legal requirements without professional help. 

We are authorized

  • to manage the continuing airworthiness of non-commercial aircraft 
  • to carry out the airworthiness review of commercial and non-commercial aircraft

Our Service

  • Steady development of an approved maintenance program (IHP)
  • Implementation of SBs and ADs
  • Tracking / filing all operating hours reports of your aircraft
  • Proper monitoring and scheduling of upcoming maintenance checks
  • Verification and certification of airworthiness
  • Filing of all return to service documents etc. for consistent maintenance history records

Atlas Air Service AG
CAMO Organisation DE.CAMO.220AOC

Report flight hours

Augsburg Air Service GmbH
CAMO Organisation DE.CAMO.0002

Report flight hours