Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of Aircraft Components

For all aircraft types and manufacturers

Our shop floor, with an area of more than 1000 m², is located in Ganderkesee, Lower Saxony.

With a fully certified NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) shop, a new sheet metal workshop with all tools in place, a paint shop and and our qualified team, we are able to carry out all works in house.

In combination with our maintenance hangar in Bremen with our own battey, landing gear and avionics shop, we are ready to support any kind of customer request. 

Our EASA and FAA certified approval covers structural components, flight controls, including doors, hatches and much more. We can add nearly every component part number to our scope, which opens up many new opportunities to support any aircraft operator all over the world.

We will consistently add further components to our capability list upon customer request.

Approved C-Ratings

C4 Doors / Hatches (ATA Chapter 52)
C5 Electrical Power & Lights (ATA Chapter 24 – 33 – 85)
C7 Engine / APU (ATA Chapter 49 – 71 to 83)
C8 Flight Controls (ATA Chapter 27 – 55 – 57.40 – 57.50 – 57.60 – 57.70)
C13 Indicating / Recording Systems (ATA Chapter 31 – 42 – 46)
C14 Landing Gear (ATA Chapter 32)
C20 Structural (ATA Chapter 53 – 54 – 57.10 – 57.20 – 57.30)