Augsburg Facility

Augsburg Air Service, originally founded in 1972 as Wolfgang Denzel GmbH, was acquired in 1985 by engineer Hans Schneider (who passed away in 2013) and renamed to Beechcraft Vertrieb & Service GmbH. In May 2014 the company became an independant subsidiary (under the leadership of managing director Florian Kohlmann) of Atlas Air Service AG whose main headquarter is based in Ganderkesee.

Since April 1, 2015 the company has got a new name: Augsburg Air Service GmbH. For more than 50 years services for all well-known aircraft manufacturers have been provided in Augsburg, and until today quality and reliability are the highest priority. Currently there are about 80 permanent qualified staff members employed in Augsburg.

The Business Aviation Center has specialised in maintaining the aircraft of Textron Aviation which unites the brands Beechcraft, Cessna und Hawker (formerly Raytheon Aircraft Company, later Hawker Beechcraft Corp.) and comprises light single-engine aircraft to intercontinental business jets.

The company is also an Authorized Service Center for Embraer Executive Jets (Phenom 100 + 300), Cirrus pistons and also the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet (since 12/2021). It also maintains other piston aircraft and performs special tasks, i.e. the Cirrus Cirrus CAPS Overhaul durch. Furthermore Augsburg Air Service offers a MRO Service for various single and twin engine piston aircraft of selected manufacturers, too.

Augsburg Air Service is a certified CAMO+ Organisation and also provides minor and major repairs and modifications. The company has got several workshops, such as an extensive Spare Part Shop , a LG Service, a Paint Shop and Avionics- / Instruments Departments with modern test equipment. Augsburg Air Service also provides a certified Airline Trolley Maintenance.

Augsburg Air Service sells as good as new and preowned Beechcraft & Hawker aircraft and also other brands.

Further info

Foundation of the Wolfgang Denzel GmbH company by Wolfgang Denzel (exclusive importer of Volvo and BMW in Austria) as aircraft maintenance center at Augsburg airport. At the very beginning just a repair workshop of 15 emlpoyees in a small hagar. The sales department is located in Munich

Expansion of the hangar due to the increased number of orders

Hans Obermeier joins the company as maintenance supervisor

Hans Obermeier becomes quality manager and endeavors the construction of a new additional maintenance hangar (now hangar 2). 

Inauguration of the new hangar as Beechcraft Service Center, the company has spezialised in aircraft of the US Beechcraft Corporation. Increased  number of staff due to the order situation 

Conversion of the old hangar into a paint shop

Cooperation with MBB for the helicopter types BO 1905 and BK 117 for further developmentWeiterentwicklung, VIP and other modification and service

The constructor Hans Schneider achives the company and renames it to Beechcraft Vertrieb und Service GmbH (Beechcraft Sales & Service, Augsburg).
Foundation of the airline Augusta Air as subsidiary company (closed in 2014)

Hans Obermeier becomes managing director.
Steady expansion of the service sector upon customer request

Opening of the branch office Beechcraft Baden-Baden (closed in 2004)

Purchase of an additional hangar (hangar 3) for further expansion

Rental of the former Augsburg Airways maintenance hangar.
Merger of the service centers Augsburg and Baden-Airport to one large service station

Inauguration of the main maintenance hangar (hangar 1) after several construction changes

Until 2008 
Exclusive dealer for Hawker-Beechcraft aircraft for Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and all territories of former Yugoslavia

Since 2008
Further upgrading of the sales & service department by additioal aircraft types of other manufacturers. Establishment of various specialized workshops.

40th Anniversary and purchase of main hangar 1

The company becomes a part of Atlas Air Service AG, Bremen, as independant subsidiary and is renamed into Augsburg Air Service GmbH. Florian Kohlmann becomes its managing director in May of the same year 

Celebration of Hans Obermeier's 40th anniversary with the new owners, the Atlas Air Service AG Bremen

Retirement of the former managing director Hans Obermeier

50th Anniversary and nomination as authorized service center for the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet and the Cessna Citation CJ3/3+ Jet


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