With over 40 years market experience we are Europe's leading supplier for aircraft spare parts and components for several brands.

We sell General Aviation spare parts worldwide out of 2 facilities in Germany (Bremen and Augsburg).

In our storage facilities we keep on hand approx. 30,000 various products – ranging from screws to premium-quality exchange components. Thanks to our wide-spread industry network and efficient logistics we also procure non-stock items on short notice. 

Aircraft Spare Parts | Assortment

  • mainly aircraft spare parts and wares for Embraer, Cessna, Beechcraft, Hawker and Enstrom Helicopter
  • several spare parts for Cirrus, Piper, Mooney and Diamond Aircraft
  • For your King Air our in-house approved LG Shop in Augsburg offers: Regular Brake OVH and 6-years inspection as well as
  • Renewal of hoses for engines and landing gear

    * we only use OEM spare parts for your brakes and landing gear

Customs clearance for goods and aircraft within our premises!
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AEO Certification

Augsburg Air Service GmbH is certified
Atlas Air Service AG is certified