Beechcraft and Hawker aircraft with their pressurized cabin are perfect for ambulance and Medevac transport. They carry patients safely to the next medical facility - even under difficult conditions, such as umimproved airfields or poor weather conditions.

We specifiy and install the complete medical package as a customized solution with following modules:

  • Incubators
  • Single- or dual stretchers / sleds
  • Modern patient loading systems, both electric and manual
  • Attachments for securing medical monitoring devices
  • Easy-to-clean vinyl sidewalls and floors


Multiple Missions

Multifunctional equipment for multiple missions can be installed as well. Special med sleds allow easy conversion from regular VIP transportation to medical mercy flights and vice versa in minimal time.

Hawker jets and Beechcraft turboprops both qualify for ambulance missions. However, some medevac operators prefer the King Air 200 and 300 series with an optional cargo door. Besides this, also other jets such as the Citation 560 XLS can be modified.

If you prefer a different modification for your special mission, please contact us - we are glad to help with our experience!