The MT 5-blade Whisper Props for Kings Airs are extremely quiet and efficient. They are exclusively sold by BLR and both, EASA + FAA certified. The BLR props can be combined with further modifications and also comply with the strict German noise regulations (Deutsche Landeplatz-L√§rmschutzverordnung 2010). 

Your benefits:

  • Excellent vibration damping + and cabin noise reduction
  • Improved performance (take-off & climb + cruise speed)
  • Nickel alloy leading edges for erosion protection of the blades
  • Carbon fibre* - ca. 25 lbs less weight than the standard props made of aluminum
  • No prop speed restrictions on ground while operating in low idle
  • Unlimited blade life + FOD repairable blades
  • Less FODs by more ground clearance / smaller diameter

* Natural core with a carbon fibre shell

Decide for a BLR Prop + Winglet bundle and profit twice: by an attractive package price and improved performance!

Additional Benefits::

  • Up to 33% reduced runway length
  • Improved short field performance
  • Increase short field useful load up to 1.500 lbs!

BLR Props & Winglets | Available Upgrades

King Air C90A - C90GTi Winglet* + Props FAA / EASA certified
King Air F90 Props FAA / EASA certified
King Air 200 - B200GT Winglet + Props FAA / EASA certified
King Air 250 Winglet + Props FAA / EASA certified
King Air 300LW + 350 (i/ER) Winglet + Props FAA / EASA certified

* Models which comply with the EASA requirements (serial LJ-1085 and up)