Raisbeck Upgrades enhance the performance of your King Air in several ways. They are available as EASA/FAA-certified single components and complete EPIC Kits. Raisbeck Upgrades can be combined with various modification components of other manufacturers.

You will find an extra overview of Raisbeck Propellers here

Raisbeck | Ram Air Recovery System (RARS)

Gain more revs in icing conditons. Simultaneously the required ITT drops in all flight conditions. Enhanced cruising speed.

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Raisbeck | Dual Aft Body Strakes (DABS)

Enhances the stability along the longitudinal axis. Therefore an electric Yaw-dashpot is not necessary. Drops the resistance additionally and increases the flight comfort.

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Raisbeck | Enhanced Performance Leading Edges (EPLE)

Enhanced Performance Leading Edges (EPLE) Reduces stalling speed and resistance. Therefore you gain reductions in departure and approach speed while the cruising speed is increasing.

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Raisbeck | High Flotation Gear Doors (HFGD)

High Flotation Gear Doors (HFGD) Raisbeck High Flotation gear doors restore the standard gear climb and cruise performance. Wheel wells, tires, wheels and brakes stay clean.

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Raisbeck | Crown Wing Locker System (CWLS)

Crown Wing Locker System (CWLS) Raisbeck's Wing Lockers are area-ruled to reduce drag and stall speeds. Constructed of lightweight composites, they are fully self-contained to ensure a clean, dry interior.

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Raisbeck | Available Components

King Air C90 - C90GTx DABS + CWLS
King Air E90 DABS + CWLS
King Air F90 / F90-1 DABS + HFGD + NWLS*
King Air 200 Serie RARS + DABS + EPLE + HFGD + CWLS
King Air 350 (i/ER) DABS + HFGD + CWLS

* NWLS (Nacelle Wing Lockers) are a smaller version of the CWLS