CAT Soft Touch Tires for King Airs provide High Flotation Gear (HFG) performance with no modifications to your aircraft! Experience the softer ground roll, increased landing options and greater safety of High Flotation Gear (HFG).

CAT Soft Touch Tires are bigger, stronger and provide all the benefits of the HFG but fit into King Air standard-gear wheel wells. Strut replacement and gear door modification are not necessary.

Your benefits:

  • Expanded landing options to include soft-field and remote area landing capabilities
  • Increased landing options in an emergency
  • Softer taxiing, take-off and landing on hard surfaced runways
  • Minimize hydroplaning
  • 30% longer tire life
  • No modifications to the aircraft

Top Quality

Michelin or Goodyear available

CAT Soft Touch Tires | Available Upgrades

King Air F90 FAA / EASA certified
King Air 200 - B200GT* FAA / EASA certified

* incl. Cargo- and T-versions (i.e. B200CT)