Expand carrying capacity
 of your King Air and eliminate cabin clutter by installing the CAT Cargo Pod. It provides extra storage for cumbersome baggage such as over-sized items such as golf bags, skis or specialized equipment.

With 60 cubic feet of additional space, the CAT Cargo carrier holds up to 500 lbs. and provides two side baggage doors for easy loading and unloading. The pod can be removed / reinstalled in less than an hour.

An optional nose shield prevents FOD damage to Pod.

Your benefits:

  • Original climb & cruise performance
  • No take-off or landing penalties
  • Extremely durable & built with Kevlar-lined fiberglass construction
  • Weighs less than 117 lbs
  • Increased aircraft stability
  • No airworthiness directives

CAT Cargo Pod | Details

CAT Cargo Pod | Available Upgrades

King Air 200, 200T, B200 FAA certified EASA certified
King Air B200GT on request  
King Air 350 FAA certified EASA certified

Prerequisite required: Raisbeck Dual Aft Body Strakes must be installed for the CAT Cargo Pod