Raisbeck Upgrades

Raisbeck Upgrades enhance the performance of your King Air in several ways. They are available as

Components   EPIC Kits (performance systems)

CAT Components

CAT upgrades enhance the performance of your King Air in several ways.Currently available: Cargo pod for increased capacity, Soft Touch Tires and EGE stacks to eliminate exhaust residues.

Cargo Pod   Soft Tires   EGE Extractors

BLR Winglets

Addition of BLR winglets for your King Air – for lower fuel consumption and more.

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Tamarack ATLAS® Active Winglets

Addition of ATLAS® active winglets for Cessna Citations for ride smoothing / stability during load events and more.

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Frakes Exhaust Stack Fairings

Exchange of original King Air stacks by highly polished Frakes stacks (to eliminate exhaust residues) and for more speed.

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LoPresti Boom Beam Lights

Exchange of the original LDG lights by more efficent LoPresti Boom Beam Xenon HID lights for improved vision. For aircraft of several manufacturers.

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Cirrus Direct Performance Brakes

Installation of the tubeless Beringer Performance Braking System for Cirrus aircraft for easier maintenance and even more brake reliability.

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Cirrus Direct – diverse Upgrades

We also perform diverse other upgrades for Cirrus piston aircraft, e.g. installation of LED lights, special tires, fuel system etc.

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