Covid-19 customer info

Last Update: Dec 5, 2022

The health and well-being of our employees and customers continues to be our highest priority. This is why we have taken proactive and preventative actions to contain and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on our customers, workforce and business operations. We recommend to check this site daily to ensure you will have the newest updated info.

We wish all customers, friends and acquaintances the necessary health and endurance during this difficult time. For questions, wishes and suggestions you can contact us anytime via E-Mail.

We will be there for you and trying our very best to help you with all your concerns.

AAS guide through Covid-19

We will closely monitor the situation and notify any impacted customers if this changes. Global travel restrictions are changing daily, so it’s important to contact us via phone or E-Mail us before planning a trip to an AAS service center location. Currently you will reach us during the regular working hours:

Atlas Air Service:
Mon - Fri 7.00 a.m - 3.45 p.m

Augsburg Air Service:
Mon - Thurs 7.45 a.m - 4.45 p.m
Fri 7.45 a.m - 3.30 p.m

Mon - Fri 8.00 a.m - 5.00 p.m

Due to the current situation of the Covid 19 pandemic, some of the airports we are located at have changed their operational hours. You will find the current info at:

Augsburg Airport
Bremen Airport
St. Gallen / Altenrhein Airport

Please refrain from visiting an AAS facilty at the moment unless it is essential, e.g. for picking up your aircraft or bringing it for scheduled works. Make sure to inform us in advance before your planned visit. Our teams are committed to doing everything possible to create a safe and pleasant stay, and we thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Please pay attention to our strict regulations concerning hygiene and minimum distance invented recently for the safety of all customers and employees and re-schedule any extra visits to later, if any possible. Thank you.

Our 24h-AOG-Support is active and ready for you. Currently each AOG case will require an individual decision based on the operation area and its specific restrictions to determine measures, e.g. if we can send our support team for immediate help.

We are there for you to help you with all your concerns and questions. You can reach us as usual via phone and mail.

Our parts distribution network is working diligently to ensure that you have the support you need at this time. Please contact one of our parts sales departments via phone or mail. Our delivery and response times may take longer than usual, especially if you are in need of spare parts out of stock that must be shipped from a foreign country.

Our complete charter team is healthy and on duty. We are fully operational.

Currently our flying routes are limited to specific destinations. However, with a special permit it is possible to bring you back to your home country. Our destination info will be updated several times per day, this is why we highly recommend to contact our charter department directly via phone or E-Mail.

Strict hygiene rules apply to all our flights and also all aircraft are sanitized after every transport. We have expanded our aircraft cleaning processes to enhance customer safety by spraying a high-grade disinfectant with a fog machine to cover all surfaces of the aircraft cabin. Additional sanitizing includes wiping down all surfaces e.g. entertainment screens, windows, tray tables and vacuuming the carpets.

Currently it is not mandatory to wear a mask on our flights, however we provide them on board for your safety.

Precautions taken

We are caring for the well-being of our customers and employees !

Facing the human and economic crisis caused by the Corona virus, Atlas Air Service and Augsburg Air Service took strict precautions to reduce the risk of infection and to limit the virus spreading:

  • We advised office staff to partly work from home
  • We educated our team about the hygiene and social etiquette
  • We placed additional hand-sanitizing stations throughout all our facilities
  • We are disinfecting every aircraft upon arrival departure
  • We are digital connected with our customers - through our relation, project and MRO management tools
  • We may restrict and regulate visitors access to avoid groups

Being debt-free and with a solid financial base, we are sure to have the resilience to withstand ths crisis and to ensure our employees a safe working environment.

Only together we can slow down the spread of the Coronavirus !